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Have a trouble on your system? Call us 24/7/365. We always have a technician on call for any need. Please call our main line for the most up-to-date technician on call.


Book an appointment with Indiana Alarm using SetMore

Is your alarm going off? Call directly to our central station 24/7/365 to notify our operators of an emergency or false alarm.


Honeywell has always been dedicated to high quality support. If your system was manufactured by Honeywell feel free to call them for any basic help.


Does your DSC system show a trouble or do you just have a simple question? Call DSC your systems manufacture for a quick answer on simple questions.


Flir is our top selling camera manufacture. If you need any assistance with issues like connecting to your system via smartphone, network troubles, backing up files or any other standard task. Call Flir for immediate support.


We understand the importance of safeguarding our client’s employees, assets, and facilities

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